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Photo: Antenne Bad Kreuznach

Interview with CHIIARA by radio station Antenne Bad Kreuznach on July 15, 2024 8.30 am - 9.30 am -

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Radio Interview with CHIIARA - EP Puzzleteil on June 27th and 29th 2024

June 27th, 2024 - 22.20h
SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz Radio
with Tim Liebl-Wachsmuth

(c) Copyright of Moderation by SWR1 RLP June 27th, 2024, (c)(p) Song by Hoxmill Records GbR - All rights reserved

June 28th, 2024 - 22.40h
SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz Radio
with Torsten Buschmann

(c) Copyright of Moderation by SWR1 RLP June 28th, 2024, (c)(p) Song by Hoxmill Records GbR - All rights reserved

New Release! - EP Puzzleteil on June 14th, 2024

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Photo: Chiara Kirchgeorg

Puzzleteil (Puzzle piece)
Komm mal näher (Come closer)
Wolke (Cloud)
Lieblingslied (Favourite song)
Heim (Home)


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Music video Lieblingslied Live

Video: Recording & Editing Thomas Kuenzel, Audio Recording Daniel Neumann & Kevin Cashew, Mix Kevin Cashew, Mastering Volker Kirchgeorg

Video: Genesia Synclaire

Live Gig @ BarBobu June, 20th 2024

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Picture: Chiara Kirchgeorg



Location: Bar Bobu Berlin
(Scharnweberstraße 47, 10247 Berlin)

CHIIARA & Band play at Bar Bobu

Tickets via

Impressions from the Gig @ nhow Hotel Berlin

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Photos: Thomas Kuenzel

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Video: Genesia Synclaire

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